A behind-the-scenes look at our amazing rebrand


If you’re a Jüngmann’s OG, you might notice the new look of our bottles and website, as well as our new name, Jü.

We’ve been working with our good friends at the creative agency Blandly to help tell the story of Jü and to come up with our brand’s fresh new look. We sat down with Ty Ramsey, Blandly’s creative director (and badass amateur mixologist) to hear more about what went into making our new brand.


Jü: Talk to us about the name change.

Ty: It’s pretty simple actually. We just listened to the street, how all of the artists and DJs were already talking about Jüngmann’s. People identified with it. It was already cool, already a part of their identity. So our job was just to express that through the new brand. People today feel empowered to be themselves, to be creative, not be put in some box you’ve gotta check. Art is really all about being “you” — whether you’re dropping some dope beats, making crazy paintings, viral performance videos, or whatever. “You” was already in the name, so shortening it to Jü gets to the real essence of the brand.

Jü: Tell us a bit about Blandly and how this project started.

Ty: Sure thing! We’re a creative agency here in New York working with some of the most innovative lifestyle and digital brands around. We specialize in staying ahead of the curve. We’ve actually known J.J. [Gold, our esteemed leader] for years, from when we helped him launch Broify and his small batch cologne brand, Stubble. And it only made sense to work together on his family’s great legacy brand. I’ve lived in Williamsburg since 2010, so I really got J.J.’s vision for the future of Jü.


Jü: You have an interesting background, Ty. How did that inform your approach to our brand?

Ty: I was really into performance street art in college. One of my craziest projects was just to go out and have random people spray paint my clothes, right on the street. They were really confused — it was ahead of its time! But that kind of raw, authentic artmaking really inspired me when I discovered my true calling in marketing and communications. I’ve always kept true to my roots, and tried to make all of our work at Blandly just as expressive. Selling something that people will buy and love allows you to really connect with your audience in an authentic way. Since Jü is all about being a unique individual, this was the perfect project to bring in an outsider, artistic spirit.

Jü: Why is good design important?

Ty: Design isn’t just storytelling, it’s about slaying dragons. We like to think of ourselves as crusaders rescuing the princess (in this case Jü) from the dragon’s lair (a.k.a. market irrelevance). With Jü we knew that edgy design would best express the brand’s personality. Plus design is generally really hot right now. If your product looks like shit, no one will care about it.


Jü: Tell us about the spray paint marks.

Ty: This is really the most unique element of the brand. Each bottle features a custom spray paint gesture. We brought in some really dope street artists and gave them a big blank wall to work with. They got in the zone and freestyled all day, giving us some amazing raw material to work with. Out of thousands of sprays, we picked the freshest and most gestural ones for the labels. Jü isn’t just delicious brandy — each bottle is a limited edition piece of art. People love them!

Jü: What was the creative process like?

Ty: Creativity doesn’t just happen, which is why we’ve spent years developing our trademarked five-point Storytime Actualization™ method. At Blandly, we practice mindful brainstorming, and we know that you need to break out of the box to build the perfect brand. At their hearts brands are people. And we’re people too, you know? But if you listen to inspiration hard enough, it’s there inside of you. It’s kind of like a really good cocktail. You’ve got to find the right combination of radical research and intuitive instinct, plus some crazy ingredient no one knows about… yet. We are big believers in the unconventional.